30th Year Work Anniversary

On July 13, 2017,  we had the honor to celebrate 13 employees’ 30th year work anniversary at The Washington Golf Club, Presidents Halls. Not only is Dittmar Company dedicated to providing quality living to our residents in Arlington, Fairfax, and Alexandria over 60+ years, we are also dedicated to valuing our employees. Because of employees like you,  we are able to become the industry leader we are today. Thank you for your leadership, service, and fellowship.

Cheers to all of our Dittmar employees, our future looks bright with you in it, thank you for your commitment!


Carlos Argueta

Larry Boyd

Janine Landers

Margaret ” Maggie” McCann

Chinh Tran

Brian McCormick

Marshall Nicholas

Kyle Woodbury

Timour Arghandiwal

Burhanuddin “Dean” Merzazada

Mohammad “David” Merzazada

Vinod “Vino” Mohan

Alberto Morales


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