Leveraging Transportation: Bring Convenience to Our Residents

Our longstanding partner Arlington Transportation Partners has recently published an article on how our company incorporates transportation options in our business strategy to boost our competitive advantage in the market. Over the years, our goal has been focusing on bringing convenience to our residents and future residents by offering and informing them on various public transportation options in the area and crafting the most convenient commute route tailored to their lifestyle.

Read the article here: http://bit.ly/2mEGrPh

Location, location, location! It’s a phrase that often comes to mind when people think of Dittmar Company. Dittmar has a majority of its multifamily properties within the portfolio concentrated in the prime locations of North and South Arlington neighborhood, such as Ballston, Clarendon, Courthouse, Virginia Square, Columbia Pike, and Bailey’s Crossroads. Many are conveniently located within walking distance to public transit, parks, shops, and restaurants. Having access to Metro lines and bus lines have lessened commute burdens for many without a doubt. Importantly, public transportation systems are benefiting us all, from our communities to our local economy. Reducing air pollution and easing traffic congestion will in return increase the air quality and better respiratory health. The next time you want to hop into your car, consider Arlington’s Car Free Diet. At Dittmar, we abide by our motto of providing the quality living. Therefore, we would strongly encourage the utilization of public transportations to all.

More about Arlington’s Car Free Diet: http://bit.ly/2Dd9fFy

Here are some of our iconic properties located by major transportation systems:

Courtland Park [Clarendon and Court House Metro Station]Courtland Park

Quincy Plaza [Ballston Metro Station]Va Square Towers

Virginia Square Towers [Virginia Square Metro Station]corporate office building

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